About Us

About Us

What does cotton foundation do?

Cotton foundation Extends its helping, supporting, to needy, poor and orphans and Blind people and disabled and middle class suffering families and Women empowerment, to make the good citizens of tomorrow.

We don’t need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the needy, the poor and the hungry we need to have an Heart. Cotton foundation is charitable foundation, set upto ensure a bondage/link between the poor and deprived people we are ready to help through different modes that include money, clothing, food, shelter, books, medicine, education etc. This charitable foundation have been working helping and supporting physically and socially for the poor people and public general people and middle class families development in INDIA

            Founder & Chairman



Our Vision Designing world hope for the physically and mentally poor and needy I was born in poor family background, I know the struggle of poor people for the food and clothes and middle class families suffering, So because of that I started this charitable foundationwith my friends and fellowship .


Our mission is to provide Food shelter to the destitute and deprived, Education for wisdom to children, moral support to physically and Mentally challenged and health care to the poor.


Feeding and helping to hunger people who are poor and also orphans, widows, old age, disabled and blind persons in the year of 2017, We are started to the helping and support the orphans, old age, widows, sickness and slum areas families happiness this is our Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton Foundation vision and goal.

Orphanes & Street Chidrens & Women Empowerment .

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To help the poor to raise their head and face the future with pride

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